Triple Tube Pontoon System

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With the increasing popularity of triple tube pontoons, Sea-Legs has innovated and created a system to work with the third center tube. The triple tube version has 6 ft. legs with 4 large pads, and is designed with heavy gauge extruded aluminum construction to accommodate the weight difference. A built in Wave deflector and the ability to install without removing the under sheeting minimizes any drag and ensure the best performance possible. A larger single motored pump and larger cylinders provide 15,000lbs. of lifting power. Also, additional functions allow the driver side-to-side and extend-and-retract flexibility.


• 4 large independent 8”x 33” pads provide great surface area for large pontoons
• Weighs approx. 650 lbs and tucks up within 7” of the pontoon deck
• Made out of heavy duty extruded aluminum for greater lifting power
• Larger 3” 3500 psi cylinders to accommodate heavier triple tube pontoons with larger hp motors and twin engine applications
• Extra function of driver and passenger sides up and down to fine tune the pontoon side to side
• Single motor power unit reduces potential issues of other multiple motored units
• Rated at 15,000 lbs capacity for greater longevity and reliability
• New Exclusive WiFi Smart phone app to operate your Sea-Legs .
• The performance sheathing DOES NOT NEED to be removed for most installations.

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