We love it when satisfied Sea-Legs customers send us their stories. Here are just a few from Sea-Legs owners. Also, be sure to check out our article featured in Go Boating!

We really enjoyed seeing the other boater's faces when we went to the local sand bar or restaurant on the Eagle River Chain and raised the boat up out of the water. The looks on the faces was just fantastic. I had a lot of questions and ended up giving out all the brochures you sent me. I know my neighbor across the road is going to be selling his deck boat and buying a new pontoon with the Sea-Legs next spring. Thanks again for all of your help!

Ron Henkel -- Eagle River, Wisconsin

Thought I'd shoot you an email with a quick update on our Sea-Legs. We've recently found out how much fun it is to hang out at "Party Island," which is a sandy area in about 3 feet of water off one of the islands in Pewaukee Lake.

We hung out there for about 3 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday to let the kids swim. It was warm this weekend and the water is really at a nice temperature, so there were a lot of boats anchored at Party Island, but it was pretty windy.

Most of the boat owners were constantly adjusting their boats despite using 2 anchors. We put the Sea-Legs down and we didn't budge. The adults were comfortable partying on the boat while the kids used the boat to jump from. Everyone else was rocking and rolling. We got a lot of looks, and a few people walked over to ask me how I was sitting so still. I got a lot of, "I've never seen anything like that before" comments. As we were backing out one woman even yelled, "That lift sure is cool!"

Take care.

Mark Stanmeyer -- Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Good Morning,

Your crew put the Sea-Legs on last week, and I was VERY impressed with these two young men and their knowledge of your system. I had a real good time talking to them and watching them install these. When I do sell Sea-Legs, I will definitely have your guys install them. You’re a lucky guy to find such dedicated men.

I picked the canopy up on Thursday and met Tom and Nate, also. They were very easy to work with, helped me load it, and were great to meet.

Last Saturday I put the canopy together at the lake, and I was also VERY IMPRESSED!!!! Everything went together perfectly unlike other products we sell and install.

Please, PLEASE, keep up this kind of quality, it will sell itself in the long run. I am very excited to be able to represent and stand behind your product.


Kirk Hexum -- Wisconsin


We had a set of Sea Legs installed on our pontoon boat a couple of weeks ago from Action Marine in Stony Point Lake shore Ontario. Shaun and Sue are extremely professional and a very good local distributor for your product.

My wife and I moved to Lake St. Clair a couple of years and have never owned a boat. We are still busy, but I convinced her to try a pontoon. Next came the choice between a lift or Sea Legs and Shaun convinced us because of the shallowness of the lake and our short doc, we would never regret the Sea Legs.

We’ve had them now for two weeks and they are EXCELLENT! Even a novice like myself can operate these. We’ve had a few good windy nights, but the Sea Legs kept the pontoon firmly in place.

This weekend, we had a family party at the lake and took a few rides out on the lake. With the Sea Legs, my 85 year old father confidently walked from the dock to the leveled pontoon platform. There was only a couple of inches of gap between the dock and boat. In fact, the remote control option of raising the legs independently, was instrumental in getting the boat level and “pulling” it forward enough for our short dock to line up with the side entrance door of the boat.

My parents enjoyed their sunset cruise on the lake and my dad and brothers are looking forward to our first fishing excursion! It was a very nice weekend and the Sea Legs helped make it possible.

We are very pleased with our decision to purchase the Sea Legs over a traditional pontoon boat lift.

Thanks very much.

Normand Marcoux

If you don't have Sea-Legs on your pontoon, you are missing the boat, Baby. What an invention! These were on my pontoon when I purchased it. I had heard about them but never dreamed life would be much easier with these underneath. I called customer service to ask a question and they were friendly and answered my question on the spot. The world of business needs more like this.

Loyal Customer

I wanted to let you know we purchased our pontoon boat with Sea-Legs in April 2007. As you know I was concerned about high winds here in South Dakota before our purchase. In May, we had sustained winds 50 mph plus, and it did not bother our boat at all. The Sea Legs performed just fine.


I am the proud owner of a Bennington boat with Sea-Legs. I purchased the boat and ordered the Sea-Legs at the Lansing, MI boat show in January. The interest and questions have been non-stop this summer.

Last Wednesday, I demonstrated it to a group of neighbors at our summer home. They were amazed.

If you would send me a couple of dozen brochures, I would give them to those who were interested. Our summer place is on Bass Lake in Pentwater, MI. A closer larger city is Ludington. If you would let me know of a near-by dealer who sells Sea-Legs, it would help.

You product has amazed everyone who has seen it. Best wishes on continued success with the wonderful new product.

Jim B. -- Pentwater, MI

Just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with Sea-Legs!

I watched so many fellow boaters at the island this weekend, trying to get their anchors set while not hitting others in the process. All I had to do was pull up to the beach, hit two buttons, done. Same when returning to camp. Absolutely fantastic!!! I will not miss those days.

When I first got Sea-Legs, I was surprised, and impressed, with their construction, very heavy duty, but not heavy. Seems like first rate components, simple, elegant, a wonderful system. I noticed no loss of performance on the water either.

Did I tell you how happy I am with Sea-Legs? You definitely have a winner on your hands. If ever you need me to help with a sale, be it a demo or whatever, feel free to call, as I'd be happy to help. I will certainly tell anyone willing to listen how great your product is. Good luck, and congratulations on a great product!

Evan B. -- Albany, NY

We live on Big Stone lake on the West edge of Minnesota and have a fairly steep bank to the lake. We would have to float a lift in from an access a couple blocks away, and this would need to be done each year in the Spring and Fall. Instead of a lift we had Sea-Legs put on our pontoon. We bought them from Doug's Anchor Marine in Watertown S.D.

What a great invention. They have worked great, and not only eliminate the need for a lift, but they are great for docking at the restaurants we have on the lake. No tying up to a dock or running up on the beach. We love them!

Margo & Tim -- South Dakota

You asked that we get back to you after using our Sea-Legs for a period of time. Well, we absolutely love them!!!

A local marina in the Hayward area, Round Lake Marina, mentioned that you approached them as a potential distributor but that they were concerned about the effect of high winds prevalent in this area. Well, we have experienced some fairly high winds with no issues whatsoever.

If we can ever be of help with regard to a reference or testimony, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Dan J. -- Minneapolis

Just a note to thank you very much for getting me the Sea-Legs. Gosh, what an engineering marvel for the boater. I am quite pleased and very impressed with the ease of operation and adaptability they offer the boater. I have "argued" with assorted lifts over the years and I will tell you, that the Sea-Legs are everything I thought they would be and more. No more lifting, changing the wheels, getting wet, fixing cables and pulleys, or just eliminating the aggravation of trying to get a lift situated near the dock. Your firm has a real gem in this product, I assure you. Again, my many thanks for what you did for me. Count me in as one of your exceptionally pleased owners. If there is ever anything that I can do to help your cause, don't be afraid to ask. Again, many thanks!

Mike S. -- Duluth, MN

Sea Legs are the best thing to happen to lakes since pontoons -- and to think that we almost did NOT get them!

In 1994, my husband and I were buying a new pontoon but we hated the thought of putting in and taking out a cumbersome lift each year. By chance, we went to the Boat Show that year and saw Sea-Legs in action. We were a bit skeptical, though, because they seemed to good (and simple) to be true! However, when we compared Sea-Legs to a conventional lift, it was obvious they would be a no-hassle, low-cost alternative to a lift, and we knew the value of our pontoon would be increased, as would our "enjoyment factor." So, we decided to take a chance and here's what we've experienced:

— It takes just seconds to raise or lower the legs so we enjoy maximum time on the lake!
— No electricity required so there are no hidden costs!
— No wheels to crank-- bulging biceps are not required!
— Never a need to "tie it up" (even in extreme winds). We simply lower the Legs and "park" at any dock!

An added bonus is that our Sea-Legs have been virtually maintenance free. In 10 years of having them on our pontoon, we have had to replace one small part and when we called the distributor, it was sent to us immediately-- we were out on the lake the next day!

Carolyn H. -- Maple Grove, MN

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