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neighbors, shore fishing, getting gas and more.
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Introducting our new fully self contained LED dock lighting system.

Base kit contains 8 LED lights and brackets, 30 watt solar panel w/adjustable dock mount, sealed lead acid battery and a water proof housing box that tucks neatly under the dock panel. Power On/off/auto dusk sensor switch box that mounts at your convenience. Wiring with water proof connections, wire ties and misc. hardware.

Additional light kits are available.

Sea-Lites are built for residential and commercial use. Full system is plug and play, can accommodate multiple lights.

Sealed battery box
Water tight sealed battery box hides neatly under the dock panel. Sealed very compact 12V Lead acid battery. On/auto/off switch allows the system to turn on at dusk. Industrial 30 watt solar panel charges the internal battery all day and even under the moon light with adjustable mount to collect optimal sun angles.

Water/weather pack connectors ensure a tight fit at all connection points and easily unplugs for storage.

Dock lights
Super bright LED lights either attach to a bracket off the dock or attach right to the dock panel with ease.

Our Sea-Lites are easy to install and will provide extra dock security for your lake home or cabin.

The best view isn't just now from your deck. It's your dock. Gone are the days of bulky lights that fall into the water.