The Pontoon Lift That Goes Where You Go!
Raise your Sea-Legs™ and go, lower your Sea-Legs and
park -- at your dock, sandbars, restaurants, visiting
neighbors, shore fishing, getting gas and more.
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Product Info

Sea-Legs, the world's only portable hydraulic pontoon lift, is now stronger, faster and quieter than ever. Features include:

  • 1.93 single pump, single reservoir power unit (50 percent increase in horsepower).
  • Alarm/power-saving feature; unit shuts off automatically when Legs fully retracted.
  • Additional remote controls available.

1-hp Sea-Legs single pump
Sea-Legs pump

1.93 single pump, single reservoir design

Sea-Legs pump tucks under a seat compartment out of the elements

  • Environmentally-friendly, bio-degradable, Chevron Clarity hydraulic oil provided with each set of Legs.
  • Six-gauge battery cables provided with each set of Sea-Legs..
  • No dashboard wiring or face-plate (with remote control unit).
  • No under-boat alarms & wiring; reduced customer service calls.
  • Reduced installation time (no alarm wiring; wireless remote controller eliminates dashboard wiring).

Sea-Legs remote
Sea-Legs oil & battery cables

Remote Control with one Key Fob

Chevron Clarity Hydraulic Oil & Battery Cables Included