The Pontoon Lift That Goes Where You Go!
Raise your Sea-Legs™ and go, lower your Sea-Legs and
park -- at your dock, sandbars, restaurants, visiting
neighbors, shore fishing, getting gas and more.
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Sea-Legs Triple Tube
(for three-tube pontoon boats)
Four heavy duty hydraulically operated lift modules provide over 10,000 pounds of lift capacity.

Four large 33-inch X 7-inch pads provide maximum support on any lake bottom.

Four hydraulic cylinders with steel alloy piston rods supply lifting power.

Single 1.93 horse power pump tucked neatly under a seat controls the hydraulic cylinders.

Lift height approximately 6 feet, measured from bottom of boat deck to lake bottom.

Sea-Legs Triple Tube
“Having Sea-Legs on our commercial photo boat has been an incredible asset to our photo and video shoots. The stability is the key nice clean imagery” – Troy Brandt, Take it to Eleven
 Sea-Legs Triple Tube three quarters view
Triple tube Sea-Legs are designed to always have two modules running at all times.

  • Works with most triple tube pontoons. Sea-Legs requires 9 inches of clearance between the center tube and the outside tube.

  • Sea-Legs is not designed to work with IO’s

  • The performance sheathing DOES NOT NEED to be removed for most installations.

Sea-Legs triple is operated by remote control allowing you total control of your lift.

Boat Up – Raises your entire pontoon
Boat Down – Lower your entire pontoon

Front Up – Raise only the front of the pontoon
Front Down – Lower only the front of the pontoon

Rear Up – Raise only the rear of the pontoon
Rear Down – Lower only the rear of the pontoon

Passenger Side Up – Raise the passenger side of the pontoon
Passenger Side Down – Lower the passenger side of the pontoon

Driver Side Up - Raise the driver side of the pontoon
Driver Side Down - Lower the side of the pontoon

Sea-Legs Triple Tube closeup
In retracked position, legs tuck neatly within 7 inches of the pontoon deck.
Sea-Legs Triple Tube closeup
Sea-Legs Triple Tube version tucks up with in inches and has built in
splash deflector to help eliminate drag.